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Carla Gilder

Love fitness

Love your body

Love yourself 

'Shine with confidence inside & out'


Hi, I’m Carla

Certified Personal Trainer of 20 years, Classes instructor, Yoga teacher, Studio owner & founder of the most amazing community cgf x

Welcome to my webspace where I will be sharing all things fitness, yoga, career, food, fun, holidays and real life experience. I feel truly grateful to wake up and share my passion for health fitness and overall wellbeing with incredible people everyday. I look forward to connecting and shining with you very soon

Carla Gilder


Work with me

I wish I had found Carla sooner! Every session Carla makes sure you aren’t slacking! She pushes you by making each session challenging and progressive but also fun! I can honestly say I look forward to all of our sessions! 


Carla has literally helped my transform my life. I started 5 stone heavier than I am now. She has helped build my confidence because the idea of going to the gym was so daunting plus the amount of weight I wanted to lose seemed like a mammoth task I would never be able to achieve. I knew from the moment I met her she was the PT for me.


She gave me manageable goals to work towards which made everything feel less scary. 


It isn’t always easy and there ups and downs but Carla always makes me feel so proud of my achievements but more importantly providing the much needed words of encouragement to motivate me for the downs. 


If you feel like I did at the start or would even just like some guidance to get started I honestly can’t recommend Carla highly enough. Thank you Carla, I appreciate everything you do for me



Alexa Young, CA

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CGF Studios

Private fitness studios Macclesfield, 

  • Personal Training Studio 1-2-1 & small groups

  • Spin Studio 12 Bikes plus instructor bike

  • Group Class Studio max 20 people

  • Zen Studio 1-2-1 Yoga & Treatments

  • Activewear shop

  • Cafe with tea, coffee, water and seating


CGF on the Go

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